Feeling so strong and eager to keep going! So much love for my body - what it's capable of and how it feels. This program has changed me completely, but I know it's not over! Truly in love with who I'm becoming on every level. I'm incredibly grateful for this program and community!
Janelle Crtes
Day 3: DONE! This mama NEEDED that core workout! I feel stronger, and I was mindful to meet my body where it is without judgment. I am going to put these core exercises into my weekly rotation. I can't wait to see the strength and changes my body will gain by doing these exercises consistently! I did an easy 30 minute run after, and I'm feeling great!
Jessica Hand Donovant
THANK YOU, CAREY!!! To say you've changed my life is an understatement. Freeing me from my old mindset & teaching me how to work out effectively And love food!! has been transformational … Much love to you & Alex for all you're doing for women. No old lady arms here.
Tana Seward
Loved this program! Thank you so much for it! Can't wait to do it again in round 3! Getting stronger and better at nutrition each time.
Kritirne Cookson
Ok was a bit of skeptic on the program- but I just finished 11.15 km in 55mins. Yeah! That's my fastest even pre kid!!!
Kaytee Faulkner
I am in my 50's, college age kids so it is my time. Running, calorie deficit was not working. The strengthening program along with eating properly and reducing inflammation has totally changed my body. I eat more now than I did in college playing varsity sports and I do not believe I am eating enough! In 2 months I have not lost much weight but I have lost inches everywhere, I have not gotten injured which has happened before and I can run on the days I run. After 2 months I am strong and fit. I believe the weight will slowly come off in the next few months, slowly and properly but i am not obsessed with it -I am strong and healthy!!!
Melissa Erdle
Carey Adam! Thank you for putting this program together! My husband is strength & speed training besides me now, we are both seeing weight & nutritional charges. We are finding recipes the kids love, this IS life changing for all of us!
Lori Anetsberger
I had to end the week STRONG, and before 9AM (Texas Heat). Did a run w/burst and the 5-4-3-2-1 (I missed earlier in the week). Nourished, hydrated, FEEL ABSOLUTELY STRONG AND AMAZING! Thank you Carey and Alexandra Chicoine!! I truly have not felt this stable (physically) in years!!
Cyndi Merritt Lewis
My core has never been stronger and I have not eaten so much food since college! Training smarter not harder, reducing the inflammation and feeling great!
Rachel Roth
Feeling fabulous today. This program is helping me to feel powerful & beautiful! Thanks Carey!!
Ron-Francina Colley
Carey Adam I listened to the first and second podcast so far, I've said it before … you speak my language. I've been on a self improvement journey for the last couple of years but I didn't join this group thinking it would improve my "self" this way. I joined because I was injured and had committed to running a half marathon and needed help to get there. Yet here I am 3 months later I am stronger both mind and body, I feel good about my self in all aspects. I've noticed improvements not only in the physical but also the emotional and mental health. My body is changing, slimming down, muscle building, skin clearing etc.
Angie Murray
Today I did a 4 mile HITT run. When I joined this group I was struggling with longer distances. My hormones were burnt out, I was having issues with my lungs and just wasn't enjoying it. I kept pushing myself because l believed that if I worked harder it would get better and easier. After having a one on one call with Carey, she convinced me that "stronger not longer" was my better mantra. I slowly embraced the lower mileage and really ramped up the HITT training and glute workouts. I started watching what I eat, portion sizes and really trying to get more water. I suddenly saw a change in my body, my runs became easier and more fun, and I'm feeling better. My original goal when I started running over two years ago was to get in shape. Finally after two years I have the body I want and the mindset to go with it. This program has been instrumental in helping me make changes. I consult the member website at least once a week for a new recipe, training tip or just encouragement. Thank you Carey.
Kathy Romito
From I have loved the last 4 weeks! I have two young kids who love to play with me and I was so sick of waking up hurting every morning! I have wanted to get my fitness back so badly the last few years and even though I cycle a lot, I couldn't get back to the workouts I used to do (to gain muscle) without hurting my back even worse. These workouts have been amazing and my back already feels so much better! The nutrition was/is something that I needed to work on and I'm so thankful for being able to do that here. It's just an all around win and I'm so freaking excited to keep this up!
Kelsi Simmons
Best choice I ever made was to like and follow your page, and take your advice.
Cheryl Duxberry
I love how vastly different I feel on every level: physically, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually. Life has been so stressful and I was a hormonal mess in the midst of this pandemic. Signing up for this program was the smartest choice I've ever made. My health has drastically changed for the better. My nutrition is simple, easy, and on track. I love my workouts and runs, and I have so much more appreciation and gratitude for rest days. I've developed healthier habits that I intend on keeping for the rest of my life. I am truly changed and grateful that I kind of stumbled into this community by fluke. I had such a great and easy run this morning, truly enjoying and so in tune with the movement. I'm in love with this lifestyle and I'm grateful for this community as well as Carey and Alex's wisdom and guidance.
Janelle Anthony
I've loved it. All of it. Love the message, there, the workouts, the meal ideas, the philosophy. Love the truly personal feedback. There really is no other program like this as far as I know! Absolutely feel stronger! the support, the inspiration from all of the other women out.
Alana Vincent Friesen
Forgot my sweaty selfie but ended with an 8.5 mile run. I absolutely love the way I feel when I run now. I feel so strong which makes me feel so bad ass! I absolutely love this program! Thanks Carey and Alex!!!
Jen Kaisershot klerritt
Im on track. W2D1 journal done, hydrated, and in love Thank you Carey Adam Crushed Iit in the workout! 3 rounds after a 15 minute run … loved this one!! My nutrition is on track. No cravings, no impulsive snacking. I'm 100% on track with it. I feel amazing! Love this program!! Getting amazing results!! And I wake up loving my body more each day!! I've been on a fitness journey for 8 years. I originally weighted 210lbs. I lost tons of weight but struggled with toning and adding definition. Ive done program after program. I've been a beachbody coach, done meal supplements, in essence, tried everything. Spent thousands of dollars. This is by far my favourite program ever!! I'm hooked!
Cheryl Clayton
Before I started this program I was training for a half marathon. Got all the way up to completing a 15k & then developed runners knee in my left knee. It was disheartening but I researched & learned I wasn't training properly at all & needed to be strength training. So I did some research which brought me to this group. This 28 day challenge has honestly been life changing. It taught me the proper way to train & nourish and I'm happy to say that today I ran my fastest 5k yet. I'm officially back on track to train for that half marathon again & this time I know I'll succeed because I'm doing it the right way. Thank you so much Carey Adam & Alexandra Chicoine! Because of you, I'm going to crush this goal!
Lori Ingle
Tabata and 3 mile run!! So glad I signed up. I feel stronger and sooo much more confident after strength and interval training.
Trista Naugle
This has been AMAZING!! Life changing. seriously. Thank you Carey Adam! I woke up early, got the workout in, I loved this one, Sweat was dripping. I focused not on speed so much but form. I'm hydrated, nourished and journaled!! I will keep this up because I feel great, my mind feels clear, my body feels stronger!! it's been an awesome month!!
Angie Adams
I'm so grateful for the results I'm seeing. In one month l start the training for my 3rd & 4th half marathons this fall and I'm going in stronger with a renewed sense of determination and a deep appreciation for slowing down and strength training. Thanks Carey! This is SUCH a doable, sustainable, and productive program for this busy mom!
Kelly Caprioti Burton

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